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Frequently-Asked Questions

Just the FAQs, ma'am...

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How do you come up with your jokes?

You. Everybody. It’s way too easy, actually. There’s so many idiots in the world, so many dumb things that happen in everyday life…Hell. I just can’t type fast enough.

Are Darron and Tonja ever gonna…you know?

No. Don’t make me slap you with my virtual hand. Concerning Julie and Damien, however, there’s at least three stories written on that subject. Or, lack thereof.

Are Darron and Damien brothers, or "brothers"?


What’s Tonja’s tattoo of?

It’s just a heart with barbed wire wrapped around it. Generic, yeah, but it’s easier to draw than the one that has the full figure of Reggie White stomping on her ex-boyfriend’s corpse while shouting "I hate Keith!" on her arm that she really has. I’d rather draw the heart.



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